Burrow Structure – Mark Newton

Did you know scorpions dig spiral shaped burrows ?


I found out when I met Emma Dunn from Canberra Snake Rescue at TEDx Canberra 2017 where she was showing snakes and insects and I was next door on the University of Canberra stand showing 3D printed treetrunks captured  on Mt. Ainslie.

Emma said she thought one of the treetrunks would make a great home for a spider or scorpion.

This inspired me to CAD model a spiral scorpion burrow to fit a glass cylinder so that you can see the scorpion all the way down to the terminal chamber at the bottom. The burrow was 3D printed by Peter Birch and the 3D printing team at the UC Library.

Emma installed the 3D printed burrow in the vase with red desert soil ready to trial with “tank” the desert scorpion.