Living Rooms is an exhibition as part of Design Canberra 2017.
Architecture + design + craft = an open home with a difference. Explore the living rooms of acclaimed Canberra houses in the inner south, and discover pop-up exhibitions with works on sale by local artists, makers and craft practitioners.

Sunday 12 November, 2017
1:00pm – 2:30pm

12 Maxwell Street, Yarralumla.


Explore Harvey Taylor House, designed by architect Phillip Leeson. The Japanese inspired home will be open to the public and adorned with local designers and makers who share the craftsmanship and attention to detail of this award-winning property.

Curator : Frederick McGrath Weber
Exhibiting artists :
Stephen Barrass |
Jacqueline Bradley |
Curious Tales |
Cathy Franzi |
Anna Gianakis |
Girl Nomad Ceramics |
Goodspeed Bicycle Company |
Megan Hinton |
Alison Jackson/ Jon Goulder |
Fred McGrath Weber
Anton Poon |

Artist Statement

The Human population is currently growing by 1 million people per week, and humanity has overtaken nature as the major force shaping the planet. In the near future the entire Earth will be artificial and designed.

Artifical Habitats
More Living Room for people means less Living Room for animals.
The last resort for biodiversity will be the Living Room of the Designer Home.


Living Room for Desert Scorpion, 3D Printed Acrylic, Glass, Earth, “Tank” the Desert Scorpion : Stephen Barrass and Emma Dunn.

Artificial Nature
3D Printed Tree Trunks from Mt. Ainslie
The moth larvae that inscribe the poetry on the Scribbly-Gum were identified in 2010 by CSIRO scientists in Canberra. The vandals who scribble their initials on the Graffiti-Gum couldn’t care less.


Graffiti-Gum Mt. Ainslie, 3D Printed Coloured Acrylic
Scribbly-Gum Mt. Ainslie, 3D Printed Coloured Acrylic
Casaurina Mt. Ainslie, 3D Printed Coloured Acrylic

Thermodynamic Decorator Items for the Living Room.
These glass vessels are designed to passively store warmth in winter, and coolth in summer, using Phase Change Salts.
These thermodynamic decorator items will be increasingly important as the extremes of Climate Change impact Canberra in the next 30 years.


 31C : Glass of Warmth, Glass, Phase Change Salts : Stephen Barrass and Nadege Desgenetez.
22C : Glass of Coolth, Glass, Phase Change Salts : Stephen Barrass and Nadege Desgenetez.