Advice, Prototyping, Commissions and Workshops to help you develop sonification products and apps, experiments in multimodal perception, rapid prototypes, interactive media productions, sonic installations and data musifications.

To discuss your ideas and requirements please contact us.


Advice to help develop your ideas, designs and applications. Feedback and suggestions on your work in progress.  Areas of expertise include:

  • Task analysis of information requirements
  • Data characterisation, conditioning, and processing
  • Sonification design, mappings and algorithms
  • Technology, software, tools, systems, platforms and hardware.
  • Methods, theory, and state of the art


Working prototypes for designs, experiments and products.

  • Design prototyping for ideation and iteration
  • Experimental prototypes for evaluations and studies
  • Production prototypes to assess and validate applications


Commission a sonification system made according to your specification.

  • Embedded sonifications
  • Audible Wearables
  • Interfaces to the Internet of Things
  • Multimodal Software e.g. haptic-audio
  • Interactive Sound Art Installations
  • Ambient Artifacts and Interiors


Making Things Purr, Growl and Sing ! Workshops for courses, conferences, and maker-spaces.  May be 3 hours or 3 days. Ages from 10-100. We provide tools, software and hardware.

  • Data Sound art and installations.
  • Sonic Information Design, Methods and Techniques
  • Interactive Sonification
  • Wearable and Embedded Sonifications
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