Prototypes of a sonic accelerometer for water sports. Stephen Barrass and Tim Barrass Flotsam, jetsam and lagan are waterproof and floatable objects that have been designed to communicate movements from an internal 3-axis accelerometer through sound and touch. The aim is to eventually attach such an object to an athlete’s arm, to a paddle or to a kayak to perceive information about stroke, cadence, pace and other aspects that may improve performance. These prototypes crafted from cuttlefish, pumice and wood explore metaphors, narrative, and aesthetics through combinations of materials, technologies and sensory modes. Flotsam is a wooden object designed to allow a team of rowers to hear turning points in acceleration through radio heaphones. Jetsam is made of cuttlefish and has been designed to allow the perception of movement in 3 dimensions that can be useful in walking, jogging, gymnastics or other sports involving 3d motion of the body in space. The auditory metaphor uses continuous variation in the sound of wind and waves. Lagan is an irregular object made of pumice designed to provide feedback about orientation by vibrating in different ways when it is held in different positions.

Exhibition at NIME Sydney 2010

The objects were exhibited at the NIME conference in Sydney.