The Cellist’s brain signals and pulse figure against the Baroque Basso Continuo that they are playing. The Cellist wears a state of the art Enobio system that transmits EEG, ECG and EOG from brain activity, eye movements, muscle contractions, and pulse to a laptop computer. These signals are mapped into sound in realtime with specially designed sonification algorithms.

This work is a collaboration with Diane Whitmer who is a Neuroscientist at Starlab Barcelona S.L. The piece was performed by Geoffrey Gartner who is a Cellist in the Ensemble Offspring in Sydney, who played the Sarabade and Prelude movements from Bach’s Third Suite.

The video shows the performance at the Eugene Goossens Hall at the ABC Studios on Thursday June 17 in a concert organised for the NIME 2010 Conference in Sydney.

Video courtesy of Mike Leggett.