Audio Visual Augmented Reality (AVIARY)


The aim of the AVIARy project was to build an AR interface to a 3D sound sculpting and composition system that had previously been implemented in the Wedge VR Theatre at the Australian National University.

AVIARY was a collaboration between Stephen Barrass at the CSIRO ICT Centre and Peter Morse at the University of Melbourne, and was implemented by Tim Barrass. Peter has written more about the AVIARy project on his blog.

Tim presented an overview of AVIARy at the OzViz conference in Brisbane in 2004.

The development of the system and an application in a sound art performance titled Edible Audience is described in

Barrass, S. and Barrass, T. (2006). Musical Creativity in Collaborative Virtual; Environments. Virtual Reality, 10, 149-157