3DSoundStudio.jpgDirect Manipulation of Moving  Sounds in 3D Space using an 8 speaker cubic array in the stereo-screen VR Wedge.

The system enables computer- generated soundscapes to be synthesised, spatialised and edited using a gestural interface. Iterative design and testing of the interface has taken place in a walk-in, immersive, virtual-reality theatre. Sound spatialisation has been implemented for an 8-speaker array using a Vector Base Amplitude Planning algorithm. The software has been written in Java, JSyn and Java3D with native method calls to sound-cards and sensors.

The video shows Rod Harris demonstrating the interface that he developed in his Honours year at the ANU School of Engineering and Computer Science in 2002.

The system is described in this paper

Sheridan J, Sood G,  Jacobs T, Gardner H and Barrass S (2004) SoundStudio4D: a VR Interface for the Gestural Composition of Spatial Soundscapes, in Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Auditory Display, Sydney, July 6-9, 2004.