Nesbitt K.V. and Barrass S. (2002) Evaluation of a Multimodal Sonification and Visualization of Depth of Market Stock Data, in Proceedings of the International Conference on Auditory Display ICAD 2002, Kyoto, July 2-5, 2002.

This experiment compared a sonification, a visualisation and a combined multimodal display of the depth of market financial data. The 15 subjects were asked to predict the direction of the next trade from the display as either going up, or going down. The subjects predicted price movements significantly better than chance, at 61.3% correct with the visualisation, 70% with the sonification and 70% with the multimodal display.

The prediction of downward movements was significantly better than upward with a best of 83% for downward with the sonification, compared with 65.5% for upward with the multimodal display. There was no effect due to the order of experience with the different displays. The results suggest that the multimodal display is redundant for downward movements and complementary for upward. The subjects commented that the sonification provides recent trends while the visualisation provides context.