oobangs-4bThis musical sonification piece is composed from the aligned DNA sequences of nine different species that included vegetables, amphibians, marsupials and primates. The nine sequences were arranged in parallel to create a polyrhythmic percussion performance for the Ubang. The converging rhythms that emerge sonify how closely interwoven mankind is with all other life on earth.



The ubang is a clay drum from Africa with two holes. The upper hole produces a higher “kiss”, and the lower the “bang”.

A = kiss
C = kiss-kiss
G = bang
T = bang-bang

The group Kiss-Kiss-Bang-Bang premiered this 15 minute performance at the Canberra Lakeside Hotel during a research conference held by the CSIRO ICT Centre sometime around the middle of 2000.

The musicians read their parts directly from the A,C,G,T sequences of the DNA codes for 9 different animals and plants. The music proved to be far ahead of its time and, tired and emotional, the group disbanded soon afterwards in order to pursue their own solo projects. The identities of the players will remain forever hidden by their Masks, the low lighting and the grainy footage.
Credits : Saucy, Drisophilas, Kermit, Mickey, Ratty, Skippy, Monkey, Kong, Humanoid, & Chris