We are pleased to announce the second part of the special issue on Sonic Information Design, building on the theme of ICAD 2016 in Canberra :)

Ergonomics in Design: The Quarterly of Human Factors Applications
Special Issue: Sonic Information Design: Theory, Methods, and Practice, Part 2, Volume 27 Issue 1, January 2019


The first part of this special issue had articles that highlighted the successful application of this careful, rigorous design process to alarms, discussed the importance of sound in products, and discussed the effectiveness and impact of auditory graphs. In this second part of the special issue, we have additional examples of designing sonic information in diverse application domains, including education, social media, product sound, and data-driven composition.

Many thanks to the contributing authors, the peer reviewers, and the journal editors from the Special Issue editorial team.

Myounghoon Jeon, Bruce N. Walker, Stephen Barrass