Data PhysicalizationOctober 28 – November 2 , 2018, Dagstuhl Seminar 18441

Jason Alexander (Lancaster University, GB)
Petra Isenberg (INRIA Saclay – Orsay, FR)
Yvonne Jansen (CNRS-Sorbonne University – Paris, FR)
Bernice E. Rogowitz (Visual Perspectives – New York & Columbia University, US)
Andrew Vande Moere (KU Leuven, BE)

Data Physicalization is an emerging cross-disciplinary research area that examines how computer-supported, interactive physical representations of data can support communication, learning, problem solving, and decision-making with data. In contrast to traditional graphical data visualizations, data physicalizations encode data in a material form using 3D geometry and material properties.

This invited workshop at Schloss Dagstuhl will be the first to bring together researchers and practitioners from a variety of disciplines such as computer science, design, education, art, and psychology. The seminar will help develop a common research agenda for Data Physicalization and spur collaborations across communities.

Workshop in Progress

The Hands-on Demos I’m bringing are

  • Compass of Hearing-a medallion with Head Related Transfer Functions (HRTF) for left and right ears on each side, 3D printed in stainless steel
  • HRTF Bells-a pair of bells shaped by the left and right ear HRTFs, 3D printed in stainless steel so they ring
  • Hypertension-singing bowl shaped by a year of personal blood pressure readings, 3D printed in stainless steel so it sings
  • Chemo Singing Bowl-singing bowl shaped by blood pressure during Chemotherapy, 3D printed in stainless steep so it sings
  • The Shape of the Sound of the Shape of the Sound

I was inspired by the workshop on artistic visualisations in nature :)

Rotten to the Core – Apfel to Abfalle

I led a workshop on Sonification and participated in one on Emotion ….