17C22C-CraftACT.jpgIn 2017, Craft ACT’s annual curated members exhibition celebrates Canberra as a city of design, showcasing diversity and excellence, and foregrounding the skillful and sometimes hidden activities of makers in the ACT region.

The artists were asked what does “living, working, making in Canberra” mean to you?

These works are inspired and motivated by the seasons in Canberra, and explore the idea that objects can have both aesthetic affect and environmental effect.

22C: Stephen Barrass, Joan Barrass and Linda Davy


22C stores winter daylight warmth in a ceramic vessel containng a Phase Change Material that melts at 22 degrees. The thermochromatic surface changes from yellow to blue as the internal material melts.





17C : Stephen Barrass and Nadege Desgenetez


17C stores summer evening coolness in a glass vessel containing a Phase Change Material that melts at 17 degrees. The glass allows observation of the internal melting process.





City of design features recent work by almost 60 Accredited Professional Members and Associate Members working across all mediums of craft and design including jewellery, furniture, metal, textiles, ceramics, and glass, creating a rich tapestry of living, working and making in Canberra.

Opening event Thursday 21 September, 6pm.