17C : a glass of coolth
17C : Glass of Coolth

Medium: Glass (Nadege Desgenetez) and Phase Change Salts (Stephen Barrass)

17C is a glass vessel that stores coolth against the climate change predictions for rising summer temperatures in Canberra. The vessel contains 6 litres of an inorganic salt that absorbs heat energy as it melts from a crystal to a liquid at 17C. The absorbed heat energy breaks up the crystal lattice and only when all of the salt has melted will the temperature of the material rise above 17C.

video : Tim Brook

The glass allows the physical state of the crystals to be observed. Over time the monitoring of the vessel may allow an understanding of how coolth storage might be used to create a micro-climate in the home.

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Glass is also an unusual material, with an amorphous structure that is more similar to a liquid than a solid. The conversation between these materials with similar surface qualities, but deep structural differences, creates a dynamic aesthetic effect.

17C has been curated by Mel George for exhibition in Craft ACT : Embracing Innovation Volume 5, Thursday 23 July to Saturday 29 August 2015

Opening 6.00pm Thursday 23 July 2015

The fifth instalment in this ongoing exhibition series, Embracing Innovation Volume 5 showcases local, national and international craft practitioners and designer makers who are exploring new cutting-edge technologies and design thinking in their practice. With rapid advances and innovation taking place in the craft and design sector, these artists using practice led research to change the way they engage, design and create and are embracing new digital technology and contemporary design theory.

Embracing Innovation Volume 5 features: Stephen Barrass and Nadege Desgenetez; Maureen Faye-Chareon; Tim Frommel; Mehrnoush Latifi and Dr Judith Glover; Dr. Scott Mayson; Terumi Narushima together with Dr Stephen Beirne, Matthew Dabin, Kraig Grady, and Associate Professor Christian Ritz; Dr Fanke Peng and Mouhannad Al-Sayegh; Dr Eddi Pianca together with Dr Stephen Trathen, Dr Carlos Montana-Hoyos and Bill Shelley; Norwood Viviano; Stuart Walker.

The Embracing Innovation series presents pioneering work from artists and researchers from leading Australian and international research and academic institutions and independent practice.