Patsy the Playful Pouf-doodle is in the Musify + Gamify exhibition as part of the Vivid Festival in Sydney, opening May 26.


Patsy the Designer Pouf-doodle is a musification of a piece of furniture. Patsy builds on ZiZi the Affectionate Couch which was an Ottoman Couch that purred when petted. Patsy extends this experiment through a sound design based on the sounds from an AIBO and a Roomba. Patsy is a cross between a piece of designer furniture and a robotic poodle. Pouf-doodles are vocally expressive, and may even sing along to Karaoke or X-factor on the TV. Cross-breeding with a poodle has the benefits of producing a non-shedding coat to reduce allergies. However mixing a piece of furniture with a poodle is not guaranteed in terms of the characteristics that will appear. It is important to keep in mind that when selecting your poodle mix you should research both sides to consider the personality and physical traits that may be passed on. Like all such experiments, it is important to know where your Pouf-doodle is coming from, and taking in consideration of potential adoption or rehoming is also a very good idea.

This  catalog essay describes the sonic interaction design for Patsy using the Interactive Affect Design Diagram.
Barrass, S. (2015) The Musification of Furniture in the form of a Pouf-doodle, in Bown O. and Liok, L. (curators) Contemporary Perspectives on Gamified Music and Musified Games, 2015.