Newton Lee’s next volume in his Digital Da Vinci series includes a surprising amount of Australian content, with chapters from Stelarc and Keith Armstrong (see them in person on the video :), Mari Velonaki, and Roman Danylak. Proudly adding to the downunder contingent is my chapter about recursive 3D printing of a series of bells, where each bell is shaped by the sound of the previous bell in the series.

Barrass S. (2014) The Shape of the Sound of the Shape of the Sound, in Lee N (ed) Digital Da Vinci 2: Computers in the Arts and Sciences, Springer, ISBN-13: 978-1493909643. Book-DigitalDaVinci2

“Science is art,” said Regina Dugan, senior executive at Google and former director of DARPA. “It is the process of creating something that never exists before. … It makes us ask new questions about ourselves, others; about ethics, the future.” Digital Da Vinci: Computers in the Arts and Sciences is dedicated to polymathic education and interdisciplinary studies in the digital age empowered by computer science. Educators and researchers ought to encourage the new generation of scholars to become as well rounded as a Renaissance man or woman. Amazon: Barnes & Noble: