Experience and Evaluation in the Collective Creation of a Public Digital Exhibition describes the collaborative creation of a public digitaFrontCover-hiresl media exhibition located outdoors in the Garden of Australian Dreams at the National Museum of Australia. The exhibition was created on the ABC Pool site where people share media and work on projects. Over one hundred collaborators pro-duced in excess of 700 images, texts and sounds for the exhibition within two weeks. The rapid production of so much content raised the need to scale formative evaluation to match production. Crowd curation was undertaken through online comments, and through nominating or flagging items as favourites on the ABC Pool site. The location of the exhibition outdoors raised usability and technical issues, that included visibility, distraction, GPS accuracy and download delays. The project was analysed using the Experience and Evaluation Framework proposed in this volume. This analysis led to the identification of additional elements that further generalise the framework to projects that involve collective creativity, out-door exhibitions, mobile media, and public digital art.

Barrass, S. and Sanchez-Laws, A.L. (2014) Experience and Evaluation in the Collective Creation of a Public Digital Exhibition, in Candy, L. and Ferguson, S. (eds) Interactive Experience in the Digital Age, Springer Series on Cultural Computing, Springer.

Interactive Experience in the Digital Age explores diverse ways of creating and evaluating interactive digital art through the eyes of the practitioners who are embedding evaluation in their creative process as a way of revealing and enhancing their practice. It draws on research methods from other disciplines such as interaction design, human-computer interaction and practice-based research, and adapts them to develop new strategies and techniques for how we reflect upon and assess value in the creation and experience of interactive art.