Hibiki 1.0 is an ambient sonification installation at the Australasian Computer Music Conference (ACMC) at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University in Brisbane from 12-15 July, 2012.

Hibiki 1.0 – lift-off!

The installation sonifies electricity consumption and solar generation feeds from the Cosm “internet of things” site in real time. Passersby are able to turn on a toaster, kettle and lamp that each control a different set of sonification feeds played in the room. The power usage of each device is measured with an Arduino and posted to the Hibiki site on Cosm.

Hibiki 1.0 installation at ACMA 2012 – photo courtesy of Guillaume Potard
Select feeds on mobile – photo courtesy Guillaume Potard

Different sonification feeds can be connected to each object using a cross-platform mobile App.

We also monitor the whole energy consumption of the installation and ask people to make a donation in a kittty in order to buy carbon credits once the installation is over. Let’s see if Hibiki can be carbon neutral..

Check it out in person during the ACMC conference….

IMERSD Recording studio.
Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, 140 Grey Street, South Brisbane, Australia.

Hibiki 1.o is part of the Hibiki Project exploring realtime sonification for awareness of energy use in public spaces. The project is a collaboration between Stephen Barrass and Guillaume Potard, and is funded by the Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Canberra.