sweatsonics probe


SweatSonics Probe provides 6 sonifications of the accelerometer in your mobile PDA.

You get information about your movement as well as listening pleasure.

For more information see this paper
Barrass, S., Schaffert, N., Barrass, T. (2010) Probing Preferences between Six Interactive Sonifications Designed for Recreational Sports, Health and Fitness, in Proceedings of ISon 2010, 3rd Interactive Sonification Workshop, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, April 7, 2010.

This version works on Android devices.
Android makes it so much more straight forward !
No more locked down websites and weird forums.
And you can get the data off the phone through a simple USB connection.

On your Android device

  • download and install PD ScenePlayer

  • download Sweatsonics.zip

  • move Sweatsonics.zip from /downloads to /pd and unzip it there.

  • run ScenePlayer and you should see SweatSonics in the menu.

  • do something sporty