The Summer School on Product Sound was held at the Design Factory at Aalto University in Helsinki from August 23-26 2010.

Under the expert guidance of Frauke Behrendt,  Inger Ekman, Sylviane Sapir and I worked out a soundwalk around the location, and here we are listening to some interesting low rumbles reflecting from gratings on these large square blocks.

Frauke Behrend, Inger Ekman, and Sylviane Sapir planning the soundwalk

This is a short recording of the sound we were listening too…″

Soundwalk location

And here my sketch of soundscape at the end of the pier…

My sketch of the soundscape at the end of the pier

Here are some more soundwalking pics from Frauke’s Flickr.

Here is a pic from Daniel Hug’s workshop using role playing for sound design…

Sound Design through Role-playing Scenarios

Here a pic from the workshop on Embedded sounds with Koray Tahiroglu at the end of the week …

Workshop on Embedding Sounds using Arduinos