Baroque Basso Continuo for Cello, Heart and Mind. This was the second time we have aired this piece, this time at the Australian Computer Music Conference (ACMA) in Canberra, June 2010.

Joel Davy wears the enobio wireless EEG system while he plays the Sarabande, Minuets and Gigue from Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 in G major. In the first section we can hear Joel’s heartbeat as he plays. In the second sections we also listen to the sonified electrical activity of his brain as he is playing.

Video courtesy of Linda Davy.

“The thing that struck me about the piece in retrospect was how separate the activities remained, even though they were made by the same person
at the same time.  The making of the interior activity of performing into an exteriorised activity made a quite wonderful non-melding juxtaposition!” – Warren Burt.