Fauxy the Fake Fur with Feelings, created by Linda Davy (fashion design and construction) and Stephen Barrass (interaction design and construction)

Fauxy is an animated Fur Coat with a life of its own. Fauxy responds to movements in the vicinity with a startled response of her feathers. Nine Taxtile Nerve Extension Buttons on the inside vibrate and provide haptic tactile communication with the wearer. Fauxy is a development of the prototype Scruffy into a wearable garment.

Fauxy was curated by Prof. Anne Cranny Francis for the Sense of Touch Exhibition at the Maquarie University Gallery in March 2009.

She was also shown in the Down to Earth exhibition at the University of Canberra in April 2009.

For more information see:

Barrass S. (2008) Clothing the Homunculus, Visual Communication, Vol. 7, No. 3. (1 August 2008), pp. 317-329.